SFMORE Guide to the UESF "Start the Year Right" Survey

What is the UESF Start the Year Right Survey?

The survey is a tool that UESF members can use to fight for a raise. Included in our 2022 contract extension with SFUSD is an option to negotiate increased compensation for UESF members this fall. So, the results of the Start the Year Right Survey can inform planning for a short-term campaign to fight for an immediate raise.

Why is it important for UESF members to respond to the survey?

For unions and the labor movement, democracy is power. When more UESF members respond to surveys like this, our bargaining team is better able to represent us, and, more importantly, we become more prepared to organize ourselves and to fight. UESF members should respond to the Start the Year Right Survey and fight for an immediate raise for three particular reasons.

First, there are historic levels of state funding for public education in California right now. Second, the U.S. economy appears to be heading into recession. It may be more difficult to secure increased compensation later if we miss this opportunity now. Third, if we can drive up member participation in the Start the Year Right Survey, we can show that UESF is more engaged than in recent years and ready to fight for that raise.

How does SF MORE respond to the survey questions?

The Start the Year Right Survey lists a series of bargaining demands and asks UESF members to rate them either “high priority”, “priority”, “neutral”, or “not important”. We suggest the following responses:

  • Raises: high priority

  • Paraeducator 7.5 hour day: high priority

  • Paraeducator raise above COLA: high priority

  • Assign 1-2 substitutes as core site subs with additional compensation and benefits, prioritizing elementary schools: high priority

  • Increase emergency sub coverage rate by 50 percent: high priority

  • Increase High Potential School and Hard to Staff stipends: priority

  • Implement no cost reductions in workloads that range from reducing meetings to evaluations and more: priority

  • Additional assurance that the certificated contract will be honored with 12 monthly paychecks: high priority

The survey also asks members to suggest additional bargaining priorities that are not already listed. We suggest the following response: “All UESF members need a raise above and beyond a 6.5 percent COLA.”

Finally, the survey asks members how they want to get more active in UESF. We suggest that members select “Other” and write in the following response: “Collective walk-ins and walk-outs at the beginning and end of the school day.” Members can also consider joining the UESF Organizing Committee and the San Francisco Movement Of Rank and file Educators.